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CUNY School of Medicine Medical library: Complimentary Newspaper Access

The Wall Street Journal

The Office of Library Services has negotiated with Dow Jones to allow all members of the CUNY community to access the Wall Street Journal!  Everybody with a (or email domain should now be able to activate a digital subscription.


Click here to activate your membership. You can now access the Journal at

In addition to your subscription, a membership includes:

  • 1)WSJ mobile and tablet apps

  • 2)A newsletter of curated content sent to your inbox every month

  • 3)WSJ+: complimentary access to events, offers and experiences (including travel, dining, and theater)

Account Expiration:

1. Faculty/Staff Membership

All faculty & staff retain WSJ membership for one year after activating. After that, they will have to re-activate their membership.

2. Student Membership 

When a student activates their membership, they are required to input their graduation date & year. This is their membership expiration date. If they graduate later than expected and lose access, they can re-activate their membership.

If you have a current, paid subscription, you can call 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625) to switch to a free membership through their campus and they will be refunded the remaining balance of their subscription.

The New York Times

Thanks to the efforts of the CUNY libraries, complimentary access to The New York Times digital edition is now available to anyone with a valid email address.


To claim or renew your academic pass:

  1. Go to 

  2.  Click on Register and follow the instructions to create a account using your CCNY email address.

  3. Check for a Confirmation Email, which should arrive to your CCNY email within 15 minutes. Note: If you do not get a confirmation email, check your spam folder. If you still do not receive it, send an email from your CCNY email account to

  4. Click on the link in the confirmation email to activate your subscription.

  5. You can now access The New York Times through via your CCNY account. 

What does your academic pass include? As of January 2016, your free pass now entitles you to all three versions – website, smartphone app, and tablet app! 

Downloading the tablet app if you already have a free pass:

Follow these steps to deactivate and then reactivate your pass in order to obtain privileges for the tablet app:

  1. On the NYTimes website, click your username in the top right. Click “My Account” and then, under “Digital Subscription,” click “Cancel.” Then log out of your NYTimes account.

  2. After you’ve logged out, go to Log in with the same CCNY email address and NYTimes password you used in the past. Check your CCNY email account and click the verification link sent from to reactivate your pass.

  3. On your tablet, go to the app store (App Store on iPads, Play Store on Android devices) and search for and download the appropriate NYTimes tablet app. Open the app then log in with your CCNY email address and NYTimes password.

The CUNY Libraries provide complimentary access to the following newspapers for all CUNY students, Faculty, and Staff